Product No : 70016-18A For Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2012~up
Product Name : 70016-18A
Product Description
16" Wheel Simulator set for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, 2012~up,
16"x5.5", 6-Stud, PCD: 205mm, Offset: 109.5mm, Wheel nut size: 19MM.
Fitment: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dually2012~up (fit both Type A & Type B)

Main Features & Specification

  • Made of best 304-grade stainless steel with surface mirror-polished for shiny-looking and best durability.
  • Bolt-on design.



The simulator set is made of a high quality 304 stainless steel, which has the highest rating of resistance to both rust and corrosion so they will never rust or turn yellow. All of the pieces have been mirror-polished prior to leaving the factory. The item is one of the best investments/upgrades for your heavy-duty semi or long-haul trucks. Our package comes with 1-year warranty. Please buy with confidence.


  • Stainless steel 304
  • Works with: 16” O.E and aftermarket rear rims
  • Fits make: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dually 2012~up (fit both Type A & Type B)


Set of 4 includes : 2 front liners + 2 rear liners +, and Jam nut cover x 8pcs